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1.Software Application

Case of application:

Production management software solution for pipes and pipe systems (PipeFAB)

Tube/pipe bending software (PipeFAB B)

2.PipeFAB Production Management Software - Functionalities

Requested functions:

Isometrie sketching

Data takeover from CAD-systems

Evaluation of production lists

Generation of work plans / production plans

Service accounting

Cost accounting

Calculation of bending data

Documentation for welded seams

NC-/CNC-machine triggering

Deadline monitoring

Data exchange with branches or co-operation partners

Any interfaces to third-party
software solutions required?



CAD system (e.g. PDMS)


PPS system

ERP-/ MRP Software

Accounting system (e.g. AVISOR)

Quality assurance software

Type of installation

Stand-alone system

Multi-user system (Client-Server)

3.PipeFAB B Tube/Pipe Bending Software - Functionalities

Standard functions:

Isometric sketching, XYZ coordinate input, calculation and output of bending data

Additionally we are interested in:

Generation of CNC bending data and transfer to the tube/pipe bending machine

Graphical bending simulation (collision check)

Maintenance contract

DEMO version:

Please send us a demo version of PipeFAB B tube/pipe bending software.

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